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Aborted – New Video

ABORTED – The Extirpation Agenda

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Entombed A.D. – New Video

ENTOMBED A.D. – Pandemic Rage

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The Haunted: New Video

The Haunted – Cutting Teeth

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INTERVIEW: Rob Barrett of Cannibal Corpse

Rob Barrett


Interview: Rob Barrett of Death Metal Legends, Cannibal Corpse

When someone talks of the genre of death metal, there are a few names that reside at the top of everyone’s list. Cannibal Corpse is indisputably one of those names. Formed in 1988, they helped shape the budding underground metal scene at the time, and helped usher in this new type of crushing sound. Signing with Metal Blade Records early in their career, they have consistently put out records over the course of their 26 years of life. They have had multiple lineup changes, and controversies surrounding the band because of their graphic imagery and lyrics (1995 Bob Dole named them one of the bands that was ‘undermining the national character of the United States). But they have seen success in their field, from a cameo in Ace Ventura:Pet Detective to multiple awards and recognition among all who are fans of metal. At the recent Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival at Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Jim Gilbert and I got to speak with guitarist Rob Barrett about the band, the life, and the new album coming out in September.

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Kataklysm Releases Video for “The American Way”

Kataklysm releases video for their cover of Sacred Reich – The American Way.

Kataklysm – The American Way

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Vader – Triumph Of Death – New Song Posted

New Vader Song Triumph Of Death.

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Autopsy Interview

Interview with Chris Reifert From Autopsy from: http://www.inthepitradio.com/

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Decapitated Studio Update

“We are now at the stage of tracking the vocals and the guitars. It looks like recording the new Decapitated album has so far proved extremely demanding. Never before had we faced a challenge as testing as the new songs turned out to be. We cross-breed various styles, sounds and every day we put the crossbar higher and higher.

“Slowly but surely everything starts to come along and we can clearly feel something hugely exciting is emerging. Surely it is going to be the new level for Decapitated and as usually, as with each subsequent album, both music and sound will be somewhat different. I’ve been using my new custom-made Ibanez Iceman guitar during this session and EVH amps and cabs. The sound is original, powerful and crushing.

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Origin: New Album Cover & Tracklisting


2014-05-07 – Genre defining technical death metal giants, ORIGIN, will release Omnipresent on July 8, 2014 in North America via Nuclear Blast (and on Agonia Records on July 4th in Europe). Omnipresent was recorded with longtime producer/engineer Robert Rebeck at Chapman Recording in Lenexa, KS. The album was mixed and mastered at Menegroth – The Thousand Caves with Colin Marston, and features artwork once again by Colin Marks (NEVERMORE, KATAKLYSM, EXODUS). Regarding the artwork, vocalist Jason Keyser explains:

“We were very happy to be able to work again with Colin Marks of Rain Song Design for the artwork of Omnipresent. He designed the art for our previous album, Entity, which had a barren, stripped down minimalism, but for Omnipresent we wanted bigger. We were looking for something that would represent the total insignificance and helplessness of humanity to the impending doom of the universe that surrounds us at all times. It’s a strong running theme of the album lyrically; how our pride and arrogance can advance us as a species in so many ways, eventually conquering the unknown reaches of space. But ultimately we continue to exist only at the whim of the cold, indiscriminate forces that could snuff our sentient spark at any moment.

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